Trust a reliable partner

Often, the ideal candidate isn’t even actively searching for a new challenge – i.e. they have no occasion to pore over job ads or send out applications. Nevertheless, they’re definitely open to a highly promising offer – provided you approach them in a targeted, individual way.

This is precisely where the strength and attractiveness of recruitment through BRC Barg Recruiting & Consulting lies: if these candidates are presented with an interesting job offer at the right time and in the right way, it’s nonetheless possible to get them to attend an interview.

As a strategic partner, we support you in finding and contacting the right candidates and inspiring their enthusiasm for you. We rely on smart e-recruiting methods, social recruiting and clever active sourcing, and on approaching the candidates in a personal, direct and individual way. We focus on specific target groups and their needs and optimally apply our market and technical knowledge in the IT/digital area. Our long-standing personal network, both at home and abroad, allows us to successfully fill even difficult positions too.

We know the laws, dynamics and mechanics of the market and apply these efficiently for both our clients and the candidates.

Our recruiting services – flexible, specialised and tailor-made:

  • Search on a mandate basis (12-month guarantee)

  • Search on a success basis (3-month guarantee)

  • Strategic, partnership-based cooperation agreement (exclusive access to candidates; continuous search over a certain period, e.g. 12 months)

  • Researching and/or directly approaching candidates as stand-alone services (RaaS, Research as a Service)

    • Overview of target firms (target list) and assessment of market potential
    • Candidate list (longlist)
    • Social Media campaign (Instagram, Facebook)
    • Candidate list for interviews with client (shortlist)

What sets us apart:

«Active Sourcing»/Recruiting 2.0 to supplement database research

Approaching candidates in a targeted, fair, individual way is more important to us than mass mailings and a simple database search. We only contact potential candidates personally and directly. We go on online and offline visits to specialist professional communities or niche websites.
It’s precisely these points that set us apart from other personnel consultants.

In-depth market and technical knowledge in the IT/digital area

We focus on specific target groups and their needs. How do they «tick»? How do they behave? What motivates and interests them? Which are the best channels for reaching them? And above all: what’s the best way to inspire their enthusiasm for a specific company? The (co-)decisive factor here is finding the right way to approach them.

Partnership-based, successful, mutual cooperation

Our priority is the sustainable development of a stable, long-term relationship with clients as well as candidates. The aim is to create a win-win situation with corresponding added value for all partners involved.
Our guiding principle is to focus on finding not the supposedly «best» person, but the «right» person for a position and to inspire their enthusiasm for a company.

Strong social competence

We offer an exceptionally high level of social competence at all hierarchy levels, with remarkable matching expertise.
We not only check a candidate’s compatibility, based on hard criteria such as education, skills and experience but also assess their soft skills and include culture, personality, motivation and potential, as well as the «cultural match».


Contact our CEO Stefan Barg directly to arrange an initial, non-binding appointment. We’ll be delighted to receive you at our office premises at the former Fraumünsterpost in the centre of Zurich. We can of course also come to your company to discuss a collaboration and to make you an offer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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