A trustworthy mediator and partner

BRC is first and foremost the trustworthy intermediary between potential candidates and our clients.

A personal talk, in which we get to know one another better and discuss your expectations, your wishes and your objectives in detail, constitutes the basis for a future collaboration. Your individual requirements enable us to find the right career step for you.

The mutual impression is important for us to build a relationship of trust.

We’ll assist you throughout the process as a reliable partner, right up to signing the contract. Even afterwards, we continue to be there for you. Our aim is to build a sustainable, long-term partnership. Incidentally, this still applies even if no job placement comes about.

Absolute discretion and confidentiality are always an absolute priority for us. Your data are optimally protected at our company and your details are always only passed on to our clients after consultation with you.

Some of the decisive advantages for you are:

A stronger position in relation to the client

Whereas in submitting your own application, you assume the role of a supplicant, if we recommend you, you’ll become THE top candidate for the vacancy. This unique starting point puts you in a stronger negotiating position in relation to the company, which will treat a candidate introduced by us more sensitively than direct applicants. You won’t be just one of a crowd but, as a rule, one of three to five candidates put forward as “ideal candidates” by BRC.

Access to the hidden job market

We give you access to the hidden job market. Often, our client fills positions exclusively through us, so that they’re not visible on the job market. In such cases, a candidate has hardly any chance of applying for these jobs. It’s estimated that only about a third of management positions are published on the open job market, while the rest are filled by personnel consultants like BRC.

Optimised application papers

In the course of fulfilling a search mandate, we advise and support you in creating and optimising application papers. We carry out a professional assessment of your papers and your CV, make suggestions for optimising the content and, if necessary, point out any typing errors or misspellings. The fact that we submit your original documents improves your chances with our client.

Career counselling & prospects

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market and sector, we’re in an excellent position to assess what could be the most appropriate next career step for you. We also advise and coach you beyond the parameters of your job and sector profile up to now, thus increasing your chances of gaining a foothold in new areas that you yourself may never have thought of.

A network that opens doors

Our longstanding personal network at home and abroad enables us to continually open new doors for our candidates. Thus, for example, it’s frequently possible to introduce your dossier to companies that don’t have to fill a vacant position but are nonetheless constantly hiring good candidates.

Informationen plus

We can provide our candidates with detailed information about the company and the position to be filled beforehand so that the candidate can get a clearer idea of the job being offered to them. They can then form their own opinion as to whether the position on offer suits them and has good prospects. In this way, we provide pointers that allow the candidate to improve their chances at a presentation appointment.

Mediation and support

We support and advise you in preparing for the interviews throughout the application process and mediate between you and the client, including during the contractual negotiations and beyond.

The question of salary

We know the sector and know what salary level is reasonable for the position in question and what the client is prepared to pay. This enables us to avoid a scenario in which the recruitment process fails in the end due to (overly) different salary expectations.


In contrast to the «standard rejection letter» sent in the case of a direct application, our candidate is given a reason for the decision, which we have previously discussed with the client. The candidate can then use that reason to improve their chances for the next application.

The personnel consultant’s work in the course of a search is free of charge for the applicant.
We look forward to hearing from you!